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How do I get a urine sample from a dog?

This is so much fun!! A urine sample is a key part in telling us what the body is doing. But we have to have a satisfactory sample to evaluate. Here is what to do:

Keep your pet confined so they can not urinate for a few hours or even all night if it fits best with your schedule.

Make a handle. Take a coat hanger and stretch it out so it is long. At one end make a loop that a clean, dry container will fit into (you can get one from us if you need). This will be a handle (like a long ladle) that you can use. Place the container in the loop, take the lid off and carry the lid with you. Hold the other end in your hand so the cup is close to the ground.

Take your companion out for a walk on a leash. When he or she hikes their leg or squats, slowly and casually move your arm and quietly slip the container into the stream of urine. Once you have at least a tablespoon or more put the lid back on.

Once you have the sample place it in the refrigerator and get it to us within four hours.

How do I find out how much water my pet is drinking?

There are several diseases that cause a dog or cat to drink lots of water. Once in awhile we will ask you to find out how much your pet is drinking. If we do please read the following information to help you.
Pick a starting time. Put down a known amount of water (IE: 2 cups). Each time you add water write it down. At the end of 3 full days (72 hours) take the amount of water you started with, add the amounts you added, subtract what was left in the bowl at the end of the time. This will tell you how much water was drank over that time. Call us and tell us the amount (to the closest 1/8 cup) and how long you did the test (3, 4, 5 complete 24 hour periods). We will do some calculations to find out how many ml/kg/day your pet is drinking. But you must follow these rules:

No other pet can be drinking the water.
Your pet can not ever run out of water.
Your pet can not get water anywhere else (toilet, pool, sprinklers)