Desert Hills Animal Hospital

13811 N 7th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85022


Grace or Gracy I was born in Colorado but have lived in Arizona almost my whole life. I have a husky named Maximus and a kitty named Sassenach (sass for short). I have a boyfriend named Joey with two bonus kids Cameron and Carson. I love to horseback ride, barrel race, archery, and spending my weekends going camping. 


Haillie (Hai Hai): Haillie was born in California then moved to AZ in 2017.  As an avid animal lover, she has a horse named Semper and 2 cats Leviathan (Levi) a Maine Coon and Echo a recent adoptee from the Humane Society who is special needs and has no eyes!  You can always see Haillie with a smile on her face ready to help.  She plans to marry her fiance Avery, very soon! 



Jen- Jenny started at Desert Hills in 2010. Aside from working here, she is a mom of two girls, Baylynn and Tristyn. Jen has always had a passion for rescuing animals, no surprise that she has a house full of... 3 rescue dogs (Lilly, Odysseus, and Iris) 2 cats (Hades and Lucifur) and a snake (May) You can find Jen in her free time at 4H events for the kids or spending time with her family.


Kaitlin- Born and raised in Arizona, has always had a passion for helping animals. Kaitlin graduated from Pima in 2011. In her free time you can find her hiking, doing crossfit, playing music, or playing with her daughter, Molly who is 4 years old. Kaitlin and Molly rescued an old diabetic cat, names Tabby.


Katy: Katy has always been an animal lover.  After graduating high school Katy started at Desert Hills in May 2010. Katy married in 2013, her and her husband Logan have two kids, Reed and Aubrey.  The household is also filled with Finnegan and Jordy are Golden Retrievers.    Katy loves spending time with family and binge watching alllll the romantic drama shows.  Huge Bachelor and Bachelorette fan! 





Michelle (Michy): Michy was born in England and moved out to the states when she was 17, then pursued a career as a Veterinary Technician, Michelle has been with us since February 2012. Michelle and her husband Adam have 2 dogs;  Rica, a stray that Michy found on the streets of Costa Rica while on vacation. Woofus is a Irish Setter/Golden Retriever mix.




Victoria (Vicky-T Dog): Victoria moved from New York to Arizona in 2015 and started working in the veterinary field, she has been with Desert Hills since March 2018. Victoria and her husband Ryan have a beautiful daughter Rey born in October 2018. They also share their home with two huskies named Stella and Journey and five feathered ladies Gladys, Henrietta, Kylo-Hen, Honey and Livia.



Mozart and Junior are our two hospital cats who you can see causing mischief around the hospital!